Welcome to the Cordy Lab at Wake Forest University!

Dr. Regina Joice Cordy, Assistant Professor of Biology

Our lab’s research focuses on the pathogenesis of the protozoan parasite Plasmodium, the etiological agent of malaria. The development of severe malaria is a multi-factorial process that is not well understood. In addition to host genetics and immunity, host factors such as the microbiome, metabolism and diet may explain some of the heterogeneity observed in malaria disease outcome, but much less is known about the role of these factors.


Our research involves a combination of laboratory, computational and field-based approaches to investigate this topic. Specific areas of research include the study of host-parasite interactions in tissue using histology and molecular biology approaches, and the analysis of plasma metabolome and gut microbiome data to identify key physiological perturbations that occur during malaria infection.

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Principal Investigator

Regina Joice Cordy, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Kevin Coffey

Heather Colvin

Dinah Nahid

Undergraduate Researchers

Noelle Allen

Jordan Buzzett

Arisbeth Camarillo-Reyes

Joseph Gaines


Regina Joice Cordy’s publications are listed under: “Joice R”, “Joice Cordy R” and “Cordy RJ”

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