Cordy Lab Alumni

Cordy Lab alumni have left the lab and gone on to do amazing things! These fantastic individuals have spent time with us and have now moved onto other exciting ventures. We are fortunate that many of them keep in touch and send us periodic updates! (We LOVE getting updates from past lab members – its always awesome to hear what you all are up to!)

StudentCurrent position
Abigail Rich (Salem College ’19)PhD Student at Vanderbilt University
Kayla Gorham (WFU Biology Major ’20)Dental Student at East Carolina University
Morgyn Hill (WFU Biology Major 19)Masters Student at University of Virginia
Kess McSwain (WFU Biology Major ’20)Laboratory Technician at WFIRM
Courtney Kaplan (WFU Psychology Major ’21)Clinical Research Assistant at McLean Hospital
Mariko Peterson (WFU Visiting Scientist/Mini-Postdoc: ’19)Resident at Brigham & Women’s Hospital at Harvard University
Ryan Marie Kelly (WFU Lab Manager: ’19-21)Laboratory Technician at Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health
Danielle Farinella (WFU BMB Major ’21)PhD Student at UPitt
Victoria Koniuk (WFU Biology Major ’20)
Lauren Sands (WFU Biology Major ’20)Medical Student at University of Maryland
Courtney Wadley (WFU Psychology Major ’21)Teaching with Future Teachers of America
Kelsey Chapman (WFU Biology Major ’20)Laboratory Technician at Curative
Chidi Iloabachie (WFU H.E.S. Major ’21)Working at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM)
Christopher Crafton (WFU Biology Major ’20)Medical Student at University of Louisville
Jordan Buzzett (WFU BMB Major ’22)Wake Forest Fellow at Wake Downtown
Sukhpreet Kaur (WFU Teacher-Scholar Postdoc ’19-21)
Joseph Gaines (WFU Bio/Anthro Major ’22)
Noelle Allen (WFU BMB Major ’22)
Arisbeth Camarillo Reyes (WFU Bio Major ’22)MS Student at Wake Forest School of Medicine
James Amoss (WFU Bio Major ’22)
Caroline Thornton (High School Student Summer ’22)Current freshman at WFU
Asmithaa Vinukonda (High School Student)
Irene Bai (WFU Bio and Mathematical Statistics Major ’22)Masters Program in Biostatistics at the University of Washington
Heather Colvin (WFU PhD Student ’18-23)Started new position as an ASM-funded CPEP Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine
Estefania Narvaez (B.S. in HES, Minors in Biology and Chemistry, WFU ’23)
Sung Ku Kang (B.S. in Biology, WFU ’23)PharmD Student in USC School of Pharmacy
Joy Oguama (B.S. in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, WFU ’23)
Matt Walker (B.S. in Biology, Minors in Spanish and Chemistry, WFU ’24)
Alumni Members of the Cordy Lab